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eNL are exclusively partnered with LSL Family Law, a well-respected and established firm, on their search for experienced Family Solicitors to join their firm as consultants. LSL Family Law was founded, and is led by, Linda Lamb; ‘Leading Individual’ as described by Chambers UK for expertise in Family matters and mediation work with both adults and children.              
After 20 successful years as a Partner in traditional law firms, Linda founded LSL Family Law in 2017 which enabled her to concentrate on her clients and their needs rather than on managing a large practice.

Tanya Foster also forms part of the LSL team and is a Family Law Consultant and Family Mediator. With over 20 years’ experience in Family Law, Tanya offers expert advice and support on matters involving; divorce & finance, Children Act proceedings (private law), family mediation, cohabitation agreements and pre & post nuptial agreements.

We caught up with Tanya who was able to provide us with an insight into what it’s like to be a Consultant Solicitor at LSL Family Law.


What attracted you to LSL Family Law?

  • Being part of a team, which puts clients’ family’s needs first and centre
  • The way the firm works, and their core values
  • Working and learning from an expert in dispute resolution

“I was very drawn to the child and family-oriented, conciliatory approach which is part of the core values of LSL Family Law. I was also attracted to the opportunity of working with someone so experienced and qualified in all aspects of dispute resolution, who is committed to finding ways to help families resolve things well.”

What benefits does LSL offer compared to other fee-share firms in the market?

  • A favourable fee share
  • A team who is solely focused on family law, and who always puts clients first
  • It’s great to be part of a close-knit team
  • An inclusive and accepting work environment

“A favourable fee share, the whole team focused purely on family law, a truly inclusive and accepting environment in which to work. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do, and as a team we can go on holiday or have a day off knowing they are being supported and looked after.”

What is my billing potential as a Consultant Solicitor with LSL?

  • There is no limit! Set your own targets and earn what you wish

“There is truly no billing potential limit. I have no fixed targets. What I earn is all down to the number of hours I want to work.”

Why should Solicitors consider a move to fee-share consultancy?

  • Autonomy and the ability to work in a way that suits my lifestyle
  • The ability to work when and where I wish
  • Freedom to put my clients first, and know they are looked after when I’m not available
  • I get to be a family lawyer, and don’t have to worry about administration

“While I had some wonderful times working in a traditional firm structure, I now have such complete flexibility and autonomy and an incredible work/life balance. I have greater freedom to put my clients first, and I also have the freedom to earn as much or as little as I like. So long as my clients are happy and I am looking after them, I can truly work when, where and how I want.”

How does LSL keep the culture whilst remote working?

  • Regular video calls and meetings
  • Frequent face to face updates, which aren’t just work…fun is allowed!
  • A vibrant social diary with colleagues

“We have a relaxed dialogue through the day, we have regular video calls where we make space to just catch up and chat (as well as getting things done) and also ad hoc online meets when we can discuss what is going on with a case.

Sometimes one of us will just suggest a call, and we enjoy that flexibility. We also make sure we see one another face to face with regular team meets and 1-2-1’s, always with some great food and a glass of something good. Linda makes a mean fondue!”

How am I supported as a fee-share consultant with LSL?

  • Linda, as Managing Partner, is always available to guide and support
  • We have state of the art technology and systems to make the working day easier
  • An extensive range of resources to help me in my role
  • Being part of a friendly, experienced and supportive team

“I have ready access to Linda, her support and experience. We have excellent IT and resource/research support, and we are always monitoring developments and improvements so that we continuously explore what the next software has to offer. I am part of a friendly, supportive, wise and compassionate team.”

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With opportunities available UK wide, there has never been a better time to consider becoming a consultant with LSL.

If you’d like to find out more about working for LSL Family Law, or to discuss Consultant

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