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  • Ronelle has worked in the professional recruitment sector since 2003. Her particular strength lies in getting to understand your requirements fully and securing the exact solution to meet your needs. Extremely dedicated, having achieved numerous acknowledgements throughout her recruitment career . Ronelle aims to deliver a first class cost effective service.
    • Senior Recruitment Consultant with over 15 years specialist recruitment knowledge
    • Joined eNL's Interim / Locum Division in January 2013 - successfully placing candidates of varying levels from Partner and Head of Legal to Solicitor, Legal Executive and Paralegal.
    • Specialises in the appointment of interim / locum and consultant qualified Solicitors and non qualified legal personnel across the private practice, in-house and public sector markets.
    • Focussing particularly on the West Midlands, Ronelle is able to utilise her extensive recruitment knowledge in order to secure talented candidates for urgent assignments or fixed term contracts.
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