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Established in 1999, we have become a holistic recruitment agency with a truly national reach. The law is a hugely wide-ranging sector, encompassing almost every walk of life, and we have acknowledged this in our expansion.

We work with both clients and candidates across the three main legal sectors; private sector practice, public sector practice and in-house legal teams. There is also a great deal of importance on contract staff within the law industry, and we have a heavy involvement with locums too.

First starting in Birmingham, we have since expanded to many of the key business hubs within the UK, with London becoming a crucial region for us. London, sometimes referred to as the “Capital of the World”, is one of the most important business cities anywhere on the globe.

At the centre of this business activity are lawyers, solicitors, paralegals, and other legal professionals dedicated to the strict upholding of the law. Here are just some of the sectors that we work within:

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Biotech
  • Crime
  • Debt
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Mental health

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Expand your team of London paralegals here

Paralegals play a hugely important role for lawyers or law firms to keep the organisation operating like clockwork in what is often high-pressure environments. We understand the importance of this, and set ourselves apart from many other recruitment agencies through our commitment to finding only the most suitable talent available.

Whatever your needs may be, we ensure that we take the time to find only the relevant candidates, and to fully vet them ourselves. Read more on our hiring practices here.

Looking for paralegal jobs and vacancies to match your interests?

Are you looking for paralegal jobs and vacancies in London? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have a huge wealth of experience at working with paralegals in London, and have dedicated teams to focus on the different areas that you may be interested in.


We have an unrivalled knowledge on many different sectors of the law, and the jobs within, and are ready to offer you this knowledge today. To find out more about how our agency operates, read our jobs page here.

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