The Parent Information Program (PIP) has been implemented to provide information for all parents involved in divorce, legal separation, or paternity cases, concerning what their children may be experiencing during this emotionally difficult period.

(PIP) is a government funded program designed to support parents, grandparents and occasionally other family members through the process of separation and look at the impact of this through the eyes of their child(ren).  PIP seeks to demonstrate what effect this may have on the child and how to proceed more effectively as a family by reducing conflict.

Whether the attendee is Court mandated or if a parent simply wants the best information and support to help keep their  child(ren)   healthy and safe throughout the divorce process, the PIP course covers a wide range of topics including effective parenting strategies , the impact of  divorce on children and how to change things for the better. It also contains many helpful resources for parents to use to ensure the well being of their children.

Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) and Solicitors can make a recommendation to the Court that they have their clients informed consent to attend the program and advise which is their clients PIP provider.

The program is free as long as the parent is in receipt of a valid court order.

eNL is a sister company of NRS and are approved providers of the Parent Information Program. We  have a number of PIP training dates from June through to  December 2010.

Feedback from parents who have attended the PIP Program

"I found your course very interesting, useful and most of all easy to follow with down to earth topics and feel the whole family can benefit from this. “

"This is a good program and I wanted to say thank you. Helpful information, just made me feel a little more able to deal with things relating to my children.”

“It was good to talk to others and understand how people react and cope with different situations.”

“I am sorry that I didn’t attend this course much earlier. Thank you.”

For further information, enquiries or to refer a client please contact Rebecca Banks or Sophia Yip on 0121 454 1004 or email