Getting support with your locum recruitment from eNL Legal

eNL Legal has been operating as a reliable agency within the law sector for many years, and have built up the knowledge, expertise and professionalism needed to support legal firms with their recruitment needs.

Those choosing to follow a locum career path, whether it be as a lawyer, solicitor, partner, business development manager or another role entirely, have done so to provide themselves a number of benefits. But these people also bring a number of benefits to legal firms too, allowing them a great deal of flexibility in choosing the best in the industry. Many choose a locum role as they near the end of their career, and this means that you can count on those who have had years of experience with the law. eNL Legal are on hand to help support you with your locum legal recruitment and vacancies.

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What factors need to be considered with locum legal recruitment?

There are a number of other factors that you must consider when looking at locum legal role; factors which we at eNL are able to advise and assist you on. We have listed some of these factors below:

  • Higher rate – it must be expected that locums generally charge a higher hourly rate than a permanent member of staff
  • Experience – that being said, they usually have a number of years’ experience to back this up
  • Flexibility – you’ll need to fill locum positions more regularly than permanent positions, but this allows you a nice level of freedom and flexibility

What legal sectors do we recruit locum contractors for?

If you are looking to fill a locum position, then, unlike many agencies, we can assist you in various sectors:

  • In-house – we have experience with helping companies and their in-house legal team
  • Private sector – if you’re looking for experienced lawyers or other legal professionals for the private sector, we can help
  • Public sector – whether it is charities, governmental bodies or other public sector organisations, we are able to assist with locum recruitment

Without a permanent contract in place, it can sometimes seem like a more daunting task for a legal firm to manage locum staff. eNL Legal stand ready to help you in every way, offering advice, filling positions and providing eTimesheets and ePayslips support.

Want to know more about locum recruitment?

If you want to know more about locum recruitment, we recommend visiting our FAQ page. If you have further questions, please contact us here.


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