Promoting your vacancies with eNL

To help you rise above the rest in the legal sector and to make your available jobs noticeable over what other agencies are offering, we can offer bespoke advertising packages that match your individual requirements.

eNL Legal was established in 1999, so as an agency we can offer something that many others can’t; years of experience. Many new recruitment agencies have opened up in recent years, but with a sector as delicate as the law sector, proper knowledge, expertise and professionalism is required. Our experience helps us to advertise your jobs in the right way, whether it is for one position or multiple positions, and find the right candidates for these various jobs. Whether you are looking for a lawyer wanting to start a career or a locum solicitor to fill in a vacancy, we can help.

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Why is it a good idea to advertise your legal vacancies?

With the rise of the digital age, online media and advertising, legal firms can’t rely on people coming to them as easily as they once did. While it is true that some of the big private sector names have the reputation to have much of their recruitment process automated, it’s hard for those new to the law industry to know exactly what makes one role stand out from another. Alongside this, many will know that companies have an in-house legal team, but it can be difficult to know who is recruiting and who isn’t! eNL Legal can help to get your available legal position out into the right spaces and reaching the right potential candidates.

What vacancies can eNL Legal advertise?

eNL Legal have experience with advertising, advising on and filling a huge number of roles across over a hundred different industries. Whether it’s the private sector, public sector or for an in-house legal team, we can help. Some of the vacancies that we can help advertise and promote for you are:

  • Legal Executive
  • Solicitor
  • Lawyer
  • Associate
  • Senior Associate
  • Team Moves
  • Partner
  • Paralegal

We understand the importance and difference that each of the roles above plays in making a legal team successful, and we are able to tailor bespoke ads to suit each role and your company each and every time.

Getting in touch with eNL Legal

If you wanted to know more about how eNL Legal can assist with advertising or promoting your vacancies, please simply reach out to us here or visit our FAQ page, which may answer many of your questions.