We have been operating out of our office in Leeds, the largest city in Yorkshire and its main business district, for many years. While we work successfully up and down the country, having a main office within Yorkshire has allowed us to establish hundreds of relationships with clients and candidates alike.

If you are a law firm needing help with vacancies, a business requiring legal aid from a lawyer or solicitor, or a candidate looking for jobs with an agency you can rely on, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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About Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the largest county in Yorkshire, but has undergone plenty of reform over the years due to its vast size. It is still recognised as a region in its own right, but many functions have been delegated to subdivisions.

It’s a historic county, and as such its economic focus has always remained more historic than other parts of England. This has seen the economy of Yorkshire perform at a slightly slower rate than the national average, but it has been transitioning into a much more modern and fast-growing economy.

This means that there are, and will continue to be, plenty of opportunities for legal jobs and vacancies within the region. We’ve explained a little more on how we can help below.

Law recruitment in Yorkshire

Finding the right candidates for your vacancies can sometimes be difficult, which is where we come in. We’ll source the candidates and vet them ourselves, helping to filter out the best and most appropriate law professionals for your open positions.

We have structured our business to be a more transparent recruitment company than other agencies on the market, and this has helped us to establish a firm foothold in Yorkshire. If you’re interested, you can read more here.

Your legal career

There are thousands of opportunities for those interested in law jobs within Yorkshire. As we work across the public, private and in-house sectors, we can help you start your next career move in dozens of industries from positions of lawyer all the way up to partner. Find out more information here.

Get in touch with us

We go beyond other recruitment agencies, offering services before, during and after the process of helping bringing candidates and clients together. If you would like to hear more on the way that we operate at eNL, please simply call us on 0121 454 1004 for our head office or 0113 320 0575 for our Leeds office.

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