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We’ve slowly but surely built out our service offerings around the UK over our long years in establishment. Every single part of the UK, whether it’s a huge bustling city or a small, remote town, abides by the law and has need of laws, so we’ve never limited ourselves by location!

We have a specialist team of professionals who handle all jobs and vacancies in the South West of England, meaning they can provide you a tailored service with all the right knowledge if this is the area that you conduct business in.

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About Plymouth

Plymouth sits right in the corner of the UK, in what is often referred to as the UK’s “foot”. It has a relatively large population compared to the rest of the UK, with over 260,000 citizens. With its location on the coast, it has a large shipping and importing economy, although it is broadly known as a services-based economy.

With great views of the coast and plenty to do in this large city atmosphere, we’re sure that we don’t need to tell you how great a city Plymouth is! Whether you’re a client needing help with positions or you’re a candidate looking for their next role, you’ll find all the information that you need below.


Need help recruiting for jobs and vacancies in Plymouth?

We know that finding the right candidates can be tough, especially in an industry that requires a committed, hard-working attitude. We’ve spent many years familiarising ourselves with the varying positions in the world of law, whether it’s the lawyers on the front line, the paralegals doing the legwork in the back, or the legal directors running the show. For more information on the hiring services that we offer, please read here.


Calling all lawyers, solicitors and law professionals; your new career starts here

If you’re looking for help with finding your next dream position, then we’re here to help. We recruit both locum and permanent staff in the following sectors:

You can read a bit more about the way in which we work with candidates here.


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We’ve always been an agency that strives to go above and beyond the usual role of a recruitment company, genuinely trying to help candidates transform their lives with jobs that they are truly passionate about, and clients to transform their businesses with the best workers.

If you would like to find out more about the way in which we work, you can contact us directly here.

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