Although we don’t have a physical base in Northern Ireland, this has never been a barrier to us establishing relationships with dozens of law firms, corporate businesses and public bodies throughout the province.

While Northern Ireland remains part of the UK, it still has its own unique culture, and we’ve worked to familiarise ourselves with the laws and practices that affect this region. If you are already living in Northern Ireland, or perhaps you’re considering a career move out there, we can help.

Read on below for more information on the vacancies in Northern Ireland and how we can assist you in finding the best opportunity for you.

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About Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is described as a country, a province, a region and a part of the United Kingdom, but for the sake of consistency we refer to it as a province. Regardless of its title, it remains a vital part of the UK, and while it has a small population of just under two million, it is still a great place for doing business.

It has plenty of history, industry, and unique cultural quirks that make it an exciting place to both live and work. 

Looking for a law job in Northern Ireland?

We have developed ourselves as a recruitment agency over the years to get footholds in the private, public and in-house sectors, meaning we now work with organisations ranging from governmental departments to huge corporate businesses, and everything in between.

At any given time, we have hundreds of available vacancies across dozens of industries, helping lawyers, solicitors and other legal professionals further their career.

To begin searching for your next legal job in Northern Ireland, please make sure that you have registered with us and signed up for personalised job alerts. Alternatively, give us a call on 0121 454 1004 if you want to discuss things further.

We are well aware that not all people are looking for permanent positions, and so, unlike some agencies, we can help with locum positions too. This includes relocation or travelling arrangements, as well as making the process of getting you paid easier.

Whether you want to be a locum lawyer, solicitor or another role entirely, we can help find you the perfect role.

Getting in contact with eNL Legal

If you want to find out more about legal jobs in Northern Ireland, or more about how we at eNL operate, then we would love to have a chat. You can get in contact with us here.

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