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Our recruitment agency was established in 1999 to help bring together the vast amount of talent and dedicated professionals that are available in the legal market. With close links to one of our main hubs in London, we have conducted a huge amount of business in the city of Canterbury since we first established ourselves.

In this city, we service over 100 different industries, working in both the private and public sectors. We also assist businesses and other corporate companies with expanding and growing their in-house legal teams, whether it’s finding lawyers, solicitors or even team managers and legal directors.

If you are looking for jobs and vacancies, or you need assistance finding the right candidates for them, then we can help.

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About Canterbury

Canterbury, Kent is a small city located in the South East of England, with a population of just over 55,000. Despite its size, it has a detailed history, famous for things such as the Canterbury Cathedral, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the second largest economy in Kent, it is a key place for business.

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Having unfilled vacancies in your organisation can stop the smooth running of your business. Finding the right candidates can be time-consuming, and, worse still, hiring the wrong ones can be extremely costly to the business.

That’s why we set up eNL. You can focus on dedicating your time to your business, while we can find the best talent of offer. Rather than focus on quick wins, we look at helping businesses to grow long term. If you are interested in our services, please read more on us here.

Lawyer jobs

In search of the next perfect career move for you? Let us help. With unrivalled and expert knowledge in the industry, we take the time to understand your exact needs and desires, and only then discuss roles that may be suitable for you.

Our approach is completely different to that of many other recruitment agencies on the market, and goes a long way in helping candidates to find jobs that they are actually passionate about. Please read more on this here.

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If you’re ready to speak to us, please give our London office a call on 0207 183 8586, email us at enl@enllegal.co.uk, or find our other details here.

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