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Although eNL Legal is based in Birmingham, we have a reach throughout the UK, from down to Plymouth and up to Scotland! From day one we have always positioned ourselves as a recruitment agency unlike any other, and ensure that we aren’t restricted by region, sector or job title when it comes to helping those interested in the law starting their career.


We work with public sector practices, private practices, and companies and their in-house legal teams in Aberdeen, and we work on jobs from paralegal to lawyer to legal director. So if you’re looking for a legal career in Aberdeen, we can help.

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About Aberdeen


Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city, and while it has a smaller population than many English cities with around 230,000 residents, it remains a vibrant city. There are still hundreds of legal firms throughout the city, and plenty of recruitment opportunities if you’re looking to make your way in  this picturesque city.


With a low cost of living, and plenty of parks, museums, beaches, architecture and more, it is a great place to call home when you aren’t busy practicing law! With convenient access to airports and train stations, it’s easy to get around the rest of the country if you need to.


Completing your legal search for Aberdeen


Think a legal career in Aberdeen is for you? Then we can help. To browse our available vacancies, you’ll need to complete a legal jobs search. To do so, we have laid out a simple system to help you refine your search:


  • Enter your keywords, such as ‘lawyer’ or ‘solicitor’
  • Choose your chosen sector; private, public or in-house
  • Choose whether you are looking for a permanent or locum position
  • We have over 100 disciplines available to candidates

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If you would prefer to speak to one of the team directly, then please give our head office a call on 0121 454 1004, email us on enl@enllegal.co.uk, or find our other contact details here.

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