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In house solicitors have the important task of dealing with the legal needs of the organisation to which they are assigned. The work required will of course vary based on the nature and size of the organisation, meaning a solicitor working internally for a construction company may oversee planning, while a solicitor working for a financial institution may be involved with banking and capital markets.

Working internally is becoming increasingly popular among law professionals, primarily because of the ability for solicitors to work as part of a team and for one ‘client’, rather than work independently in private practice.

Solicitors working in private practice are also often subject to longer working hours, which is different to working in house, where a greater level flexibility of working arrangements is usually enjoyed. It is, therefore, no surprise to learn that over one in four solicitors are now working internally for organisations in the UK.

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  • The demand for solicitors working in this sector means that we are always advertising for many exciting in house solicitor legal vacancies. Just some of the internal solicitor jobs that we have advertised for in the past include working as a commercial solicitor, as well as working on a legal & compliance counsel.

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