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eNL has been operating as one of the UK’s leading permanent recruitment agencies since 1999. The knowledge we have gathered over this relatively long history is unrivalled, and because of this we offer an expert service to clients and candidates on a daily basis.

We have offices in Leeds, Manchester, London and Birmingham, meaning we are able to assist those nationwide in finding legal jobs. We work across the three key legal sectors, and in over a hundred different industries, meaning our extensive database is always being updated with new vacancies.

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eNL in house employment law vacancies

Employment law is a rather broad discipline that covers all legal matters that occur in the workplace. The work undertaken by an employment lawyer can be varied, and is dependent on whether the client is an employee or employer. However, in both cases, the legal professional is concerned with dealing with the client’s rights and obligations in the workplace.

Because in house lawyers work within an organisation, those involved in this type of law represent employers, providing legal advice on everything relating to employment, including defence against claims, HR policies, retirement and remuneration. Some of the previous jobs eNL have filled include working as an in house solicitor, paralegal and lawyer, in locations such as London, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff.

If any of these in house employment law jobs interest you and you would like to find out more, then register yourself as a candidate on our system, which will give you unique access to the thousands of legal vacancies we are currently offering. You can also sign up for personalised job alerts, whereby we will notify you as and when anything matching your search criteria becomes available.

Alternatively, if you have a friend, relative or colleague interested in a legal role, then recommend them to eNL via our “Refer A Friend” scheme, and you could be rewarded for your recommendation. Find out more about our “Refer A Friend” scheme here.

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If you are a law firm looking to hire legal staff, eNL can help you today. We have been operating as a legal recruitment agency for both clients and candidates since 1999, and know the importance of finding law staff dedicated to their legal careers. eNL can help with the recruitment of professionals into various legal positions, including solicitors, paralegals, lawyers, partners and associates. If you want to find out more about hiring with eNL, click here.

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