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Founded in 1999, we have been working in the criminal law sector for many years. First setup in Birmingham, we have since reached out to the capital of England, placing ourselves at the heart of this busy business district.

We have earned ourselves an excellent reputation for the recruitment services that we provide in the London area, working with hundreds of candidates and clients alike. Our service has always been designed to ensure that we establish long-term relationships with all of our candidates, helping them throughout their careers.

Having operated within London for so many years, we are one of the most established legal recruitment agencies in the area, always being one of the first to hear of available jobs and vacancies.

If you are looking for criminal paralegal jobs in London, then there’s no better place to start than with eNL!

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Criminal paralegal vacancies

Paralegals, who play an essential role for many lawyers and legal firms around the world, have no less of an importance than in the busy city of London. Criminal paralegals are a highly sought after trade in all parts of the city, and we can help you with a list of vacancies to find your dream role.

We work across the private sector and public sector, as well as for in-house corporate teams, meaning that we always have a wealth of available opportunities for those looking for criminal paralegal jobs in London.

Register yourself as a candidate today

If you are a paralegal looking for criminal jobs in London and you are interested in getting started, then the best thing to do is register yourself as a candidate with us. Start the registration process here, and then you can search our extensive database for our full list of current vacancies that suit you.

If you can’t find what you are looking for at this time, then it is recommended to sign up for personalised job alerts, and we’ll let you know as soon as something comes up. As we work with so many clients, we regularly have new roles available.

Get in touch with a recruitment agency you can trust

Are you looking for criminal lawyer or solicitor jobs instead? Or do you have other questions that you can’t find an answer for? We would be more than happy to speak with you directly. Please either call our London office on 0207 183 8685, email us at enl@enllegal.co.uk, or find our other contact details here.

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