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This area of law refers to the rules that parties involved in commerce must abide by during the everyday running of a business. This type of law governs the sale of goods and services, contracts, security and leases, to name a few examples. As a result, those involved in this field of law are tasked with dealing with these business-related issues. There are a number of different practice areas, although the main practice areas associated with company commercial law is corporate, finance, banking and dispute regulation.

At eNL, commercial law is a field of study that we are heavily involved in, and therefore often have many commercial law jobs available. Some of the various company commercial vacancies we have filled include working as a lawyer, solicitor or paralegal for companies across a range of different industries, from agriculture to corporate.

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Established in 1999, eNL is a legal recruitment agency that has continuously delivered positive results to clients and candidates alike. Our recruitment consultants use a knowledge-based approach, developed over many years of experience, to match the right client to the right candidate every time.

We established our head office in Birmingham, but have since opened offices in London, Leeds and Manchester, which allows us to operate nationwide to bring you the very best legal vacancies. With eNL, you can expect a truly personalised service, tailored specifically to your needs. Our consultants work with the mantra “effort, focus and honesty” to help you achieve your dream legal career.

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